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Caring for LeatherUpdated 2 years ago

These are the steps we specifically recommend for your shoe care routine for our leather shoes, boots and drivers:

  1. Insert shoe trees. This should be done after every wear to help pull moisture from the soft leather lining of the shoe. Additionally, shoe trees help minimize the harsh look of creasing and add a deodorizing element to shoes. This is one of the most vital parts of shoe care.
  2. Brush off superficial dirt and dust before continuing with a horsehair brush.
  3. Condition with renovateur or leather conditioner. A small amount goes a long way with Saphir's Renovateur Pommadier. We recommend applying this throughout your shoe with your fingers and allowing a small amount of the conditioner to be absorbed by the leather. Once it has, be sure to buff the shoe with a horsehair brush. 
  4. Add color or shine. You'll be able to decide whether you'd prefer to mute the marbling in the leather with pigmented cream polish, or accentuate the marbling with the neutral polish. As with the renovateur, we recommend working a small amount into the shoes with your fingers. You should be able to tell when the polish has been absorbed into the leather. After about five to ten minutes of the polish sitting on the shoes, it's time to buff with a horsehair brush. This is generally about the time where you will notice the leather start to look much more vibrant
  5. Add a protective layer. Now that you've set your foundational color and moisturization, it's time to protect your hard work. There are many ways to do this. An effective way to do this is to add a few layers of Saphir's Pate de Luxe wax to the toe and heel of the shoe and buff with a horsehair brush. Alternatively, you can use the Super Invulner spray to add a waterproofing element to your shoes. 

These are the steps we recommend to keeping the leather of your shoes healthy. Of course, there are additional steps that can be taken for thorough sole care, burnishing, or mirror shining; so if you have any questions about more in-depth care, simply drop us a line!

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